Where there's a will...

Aug 9


thank jesus will only wears one pair of jeans.

this clears this up nicely.


I’m going to do this, and I’m going to accept whatever my punishment might be.

To the Miarren and Chill shippers,

We’re all somewhere in the glee fandom, at least a bit, and with Cory passing I feel like we need to just hug it out, at least for a day.


A Crisscolfer shipper.

Rest in peace, Cory Monteith. The world is a little bit darker today. :(

Jul 5


It’s so funny that I got messages from so many people who claim that Chris and Will aren’t even together saying stuff along the lines of, “Finally!!” “Please tell me you’re telling the truth!” “I knew this was bound to happen!” there for, you do believe Chris and Will are together.

LOL, the troll makes a valid point…


Chill shippers didn’t believe that shit from the start, but man, the crisscolfer shippers are going to be so disappointed.

I know one thing, I’m not going anywhere near this person’s “link” until someone from the Chill fandom tells me it’s not a screamer. I hate those fucking things.

Will you be offering these in poster size :P


Yes, but only for people who follow me, because I want attention love my followers!

I have photographic evidence of Chris and Will buck naked in front of Buckingham palace, doing tequila body shots with the duke of Cambridge. Stay tuned, guys, I’m going to post the photos in 43 minutes! I swear this is legit, if anyone has any questions just put them in my ask!!!11!!